Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movie Appreciation Sunday

This coming Sunday 30 Jan 2011
Prayer Hall
2pm - 4pm
All are invited , no commitments needed.
Come join in a movie show with IHM FAMILY.

January Reflection

With God as our Director, we are his Instrument moulded into his image and likeness
Little activity of Fun & Drama
Intro to Theology of the Body


Wow, we’re 2 sessions down already. Amazing isn’t it? And thank god everything’s been running so well. But I digress. Ah yes-the reflection.

First session was very much more of having fun. Everything felt very loose and it was just a fun session. Fun aside, the games we played did help bring home some key points. I felt the “car-game” was absolutely very creative. I’d never tried anything like that before and, it was that very unique feel I got from the game that stuck with me. Not to be forgotten, the molding game was another very creative lesson.

One thing I’ve realized about TOL is the emphasis on creativity, and for someone like me, I love that. I love that we’re allowed to just let loose and be creative and have fun. But the MAIN thing I cherish and will come to fully appreciate would be the little sharing sessions. Honestly asking myself, where else would I be able to share my problems with a group of people who care about problems not concerning them? Nowhere else but here.

The session on the 23rd was considerably more insightful. Little debates and points strewn across the room. But the session was still lighthearted and we still had this little game involving chairs. Personally do enjoy discussions, and it helps that the group is very open to ideas and thought. Mainly, TOL is my way of getting creative, letting loose, and just hanging out. And I’ve been having a pretty good time so far. J

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Youth Alive 2011

Thank you guys for the fantastic job. It sure is a fun day & it was even better having to be able to walk around the booths to check the different ministries out. Hope you all learnt more and somethings new. After YA we continued to tidy up the upper room cupboard. It was fun especially having all of you around.
Have a great week in school till we meet again.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

IHM Testimony of Light Video 2010

Testimony of Light Video 2010 (as shown at Confirmation Retreat 2010)
To view the video in HD, go to my Facebook page here.

You can also view the 2009 video here.


Friday, June 11, 2010

IHM Triduum 2010

To me, today’s homily served as a very good wake-up call.

Father spoke about liturgy of the word being the word of God, and how it is important for us to listen and pay attention to the word of God. Indeed, that is the least we can do. Anything less than that, qualifies as being rude to God. He then moved on to preach about how many people come for mass only as a Sunday obligation, and do not live the mass in our lives at all. He stressed the importance of knowing the true meaning of mass and living the mass in each and every small way that we can.

Unfortunately, I am, indeed, guilty of all the above wrongdoings. I find it hard to pay attention to the liturgy of the word (especially with so many changes made in our parish). I must admit that there are times I give in to the heaviness of my eyelids, and coupled with the air-conditioned atmosphere and lazy Sunday morning feeling, I fall asleep. I give myself excuses, telling myself that everyone around me is doing the same, but the truth is, I am being rude to God. It is an undeniable fact.

All this while, my family has not been very involved in church activities. One could even go as far as to say that my family members, including me, are all “Sunday Catholics”. Church is something we go for every Sunday, for one hour, because we MUST, because we’ve been taught from young that we MUST, because we’ve been taught in cathecism classes the 4thcommandment, to keep the Sabbath. Before this year, things were not so bad, because I was “bounded” to church, by cathecism classes. Yet, after my confirmation, I found myself slowly drifting away from church. Church and Mass were just like any other Sunday activity, to get it done and out of the way. The moment I stepped out of church, I forget everything about it, until it comes again the week after.

Recently, many things begun happening in my life, be it academics, family issues or my own personal life, they all made me realise I needed God, that I wasn’t at all strong enough to deal with it myself. Coupled with today’s homily, I received a wake-up call from God.

Marlene Grayce Goh